Conscious Smudging

Mugwort. Rosemary. Verbena. Sage These are just a few wonderful plants that grow in abundance in the UK.

It is quite well accepted nowadays that, whilst very good at cleansing, white sage is largely imported, mass produced with little oversight of quality and what it has been mixed, highly commercialised and hardly carbon footprint neutral. Added to the mix has been an overuse of the plant, burning without intention or conscious thanks. For a sacred plant, it does not bode so well. So how can we make better Choices?

Firstly, lets get conscious about smudging. We start by finding and working with the native plants around us, learn about them and work with clear intent and gratitude. All plants & herbs have something to share. For smudging purposes some are more suited than others. Here are some that grow abundantly in the UK that are just waiting to work with you, if only you ask. Mugwort, Rosemary, Sage, Lavendar etc. We need to start thinking consciously when smudging.

Here is a short video on how to make a smudge stick using Mugwort. I hope you enjoy it.

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